How to do The Unicycle ?

Video couple make the position Unicycle - Watch full video

Make The Unicycle :

The man lies on the back and returns knees. Woman above sits down on the buttocks of her partner. She makes up and down mouvement and keep the balance by seizing hands.

Benefits The Unicycle :

A position pleasant when the woman are installed and the movement between the partners coordinate. An ideal position for a deep and stimulating penetration of the G-spot.

Advantages :

  • The woman don't carry the weight of the man
  • The woman controls the movement
  • Stimulation of the G-spot

Disadvantages :

  • The penis is pulled towards the back
  • Woman is balanced, her weight is carried by thighs
  • Not Good sexual position for getting pregnant

The Unicycle photos :

Image photo Unicycle sex position