The best sex positions for young couple

Young couple love in bed

All you need to know about first time sex

Having sex for the first day or choosing to lose ones virginity can be a major decision. You need to think about the pros and cons of your decision. The first day can be messy and frightening. All you need to do is to talk it over with your partner. Telling your partner how you feel about the night will relieve you and enable you to relax. Before you do it with your partner, you need to ask about their sexual history. You can go and have a test together or use a condom for protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


Set your house in a sexual mood. Light candles, turn on some sexy music and then pay attention to your partner. Foreplay is very important. Touch your partner, kiss them and hold them tight. This will prepare them for the great night. Foreplay will determine how good the sexual experience will be. Ask your partner the places where they would like you to touch them. Foreplay will also make penetration easy and less painful.

Understanding your partner

Preliminaries will also enable you to understand your partner better. Try to study your partner and understand whether they have the same feelings as you. Share some of your fears about sex and try to find solutions together. This will save you from regrets that come as a result of unplanned sex.

The best sexual positions for the defloration

Preliminaries will enable you to learn about a few sexual positions that could fit you as a virgin. You can ask your friends or visit all sex positions to get information and demonstration in video. Do not hesitate to watch the positions with your partner to share your opinions and decide together which positions make during the sexual act. It is important to note that some sex positions are painful and could spoil the experience. Here are some of the best sex positions for virgins. To start with the Missionary, there is the man on top positions. This is the oldest and one of the best sex positions. In this position, the girl lies on her back with her legs apart and then the man enters her supporting himself with his knees and elbows. The man can either have his legs between hers or she may choose to raise her legs up the man’s back. If the man is not experienced, he can ask the girl to guide the penis to the vagina. This position is good because the girl can control the man’s penetration. Another position that inexperienced partners can use is woman on top (see this position in video). The man lies on his back and then the woman sits on top guiding the penis inside. This position is good because the woman is in full control of penetration. They can slow it if they feel uncomfortable and increase the tempo if they want to.

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