How to do The Time Bomb ?

Video couple make the position Time Bomb - Watch full video

Make Time Bomb :

The man sits on a chair, the woman come assoire above in front of him. She is held in the back of the chair or in the neck of the man. It is her who checks the speed of the movement and the intensity of the penetration.

Benefits Time Bomb :

The woman is astride the man and in him speed control and the depth of penetration. The woman makes up and down mouvement but can also make a movement of sliding. In case of fatigue of the woman, the man can help by putting hands on his reeds or stomach to give the rhythm.

Advantages :

  • Restful position for the man
  • Face to face

Disadvantages :

  • The woman must be a minimum endurance
  • Not Good sexual position for getting pregnant

Time Bomb photos :

Image photo Time Bomb sex position