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Discover photos and videos of illustrated sex positions with comments. Vaginal pleasure, G-spot or anal, there is the kamasutra position that guarantees extreme sexual pleasure. These positions include preliminary, traditional or acrobatic positions. Bellow is an illustration of some of the best sex positions on video for better understanding of the action. The Kama Sutra instructs you how to spice up your sex life by learning some new sex position and be more adventurous in the bedroom (or anywhere else!).

What is the Kama Sutra?

The Kamasutra is an Indian book with various written between the sixth and seventh centuries sexual activity. Attributed to Vatsyayana, it is one of the greatest works of humanity!

Traditional Book of KamaSutra

Deriving its origins from an ancient Hindu text, the Kama Sutra is a unique set of different sexual positions. It has been widely read throughout the world, particularly over the past few decades. Though it is primarily known as a source of sexual positions, it also contains spiritual meditations and poetry. Many spiritual leaders have used the book to provide advice on how to live a virtuous and harmonious lifestyle over the years. Kama is included in the text as one of the four main goals of living. The chapter covering this goal has detailed some of the different types of erotic positions that couples may try for themselves. Notably, the Buddha did preach some of the virtues that were originally espoused in the Kama Sutra text. But it should be noted that the Buddha also warned that followers should not focus entirely on one component and should not give in to fixation on carnal pleasures.

Interpretations of the text have varied considerably across cultures, but it has influenced sexual practices in many ways. It has set down different types of rules that have regulated the way that followers can secure a wife and how they should engage in sex. It has also influenced the way that couples should manage amorous advances and sexual unions. The second chapter of the Kama section actually details up to 64 different types of sexual acts. This has helped to codify some of the proper sexual practices that people can use for themselves over the years. It will be important for followers to read the complete text, because it does provide a comprehensive view on sexual relationships. It can cover the basics of how men and women should engage in sex when they are married and whether a man should seek out a courtesan. It has been used as a guide for managing society for generations, making it a very influential piece of literature.

For amateur and confirmed

Whether you're years of experience or you are a virgin (discover what is the ideal position for deflowering). The kama sutra is for everyone (men and women, young or old people). Positions are more or less complex and acrobatic. Young people without experience can start with simple positions like Missionary or doggy-style, with the time and inclination to experiment with new sensations and break the routine, you'll want your partner to explore new positions sensual. If you're in a new relationship. Preliminary are therefore essential and should not be overlooked, this erotic and sensual step can put his or her partner into confidence before making love.

For heterosexual or homosexual, some positions are as well as with vaginal penetration or anal penetration. Discover the position of submission to the woman or man, those recommended to help to get pregnant. Positions allow to break the routine of the couple and spice up sex life. Without demanding great physical effort, some single positions you will discover new sensations and stimulate certain intimate body area.

Though technically unrelated to Tantric sexual, many people have seen the two concepts as interrelated. This has helped many couples spice up their relationship and find new ways to enjoy one another. There are classes and instructors who can help couples develop these kinds of skills over time as well. This is part of the reason why the text itself has been so influential, being copied and integrated in to many other works over the years. Readers should remember that it does have religious connections, so it can help them if they are interested in developing their own sense of spirituality.

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