How to do The Cowgirl ?

Video couple make the position The Cowgirl - Watch full video

Make The Cowgirl :

The man lies on the back, the woman sits down on him by facing him to impale itself on her penis. The woman makes up and down mouvement or then to make a sliding to stimulate the clitoris.

Benefits The Cowgirl :

Resting for the man the woman ride and checks the speed and the depth of penetration. A variant for this position where it is the man who checks the movement of penetration. The slightly raised woman by taking supports on knees remains fixed and it is the man who, by contracting buttocks, make up and down mouvement.

Advantages :

  • Restful position for the man
  • Face to face
  • Accessible clitoris for a manual stimulation
  • The woman controls the movement

Disadvantages :

  • No pressure of the vagina on the penis because of the space of legs
  • Not good sexual position for getting pregnant

The Cowgirl photos :

Photo The Cowgirl sex position
Photo The Cowgirl sex position
Photo The Cowgirl sex position